I am focused and will make the mortgage application and approval process stress free and as simple as possible. My client service and dedication is reflected here. A phrase I often state, “I don’t ever tell an applicant ‘no’ if they cannot qualify for a program, we keep working. It’s never ‘no’ but it could be, ‘Here are the steps we need to take to get the qualifications,’ and then we go to work.”

“Every client’s situation is unique, their application requirements, their challenges, their goals. It’s my job to sort through the mortgages available and bring them the best options for their situation. I explain the options fully, rates, payments, terms and more, and then work to secure the loan for them and have a worry-free closing process by the required contracted date.


Communication is very important during the process and I ensure my clients, realtors, and all other required parties are kept up-to-speed on the status of their application and subsequent loan.”

Jessica Alvarez
Mortgage Loan Originator
(253) 355-8025